Wednesday, April 29, 2009

official video for raekwon (feat. ghostface killah and method man) - new wu

i almost disregarded this but damn, ish hits hard...

2pac spotted in new orleans...

"13 years after he was shot and "killed" in Las Vegas ... a man appearing to be 2pac was spotted in a bar on Bourbon Street last weekend."

a tribute to the master teacher

Sunday, April 26, 2009

STUN GUN KNUCKLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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angry german kid just wants to hear jim jones

i mean really, who doesnt?

this kid doesnt like being called a homo.

this kid put out a video saying he doesnt like to be called a homo.  since then he has gotten over 34,000 comments.  all of which call him a homo.  rofl

Monday, April 13, 2009

"can you please take the mask off?"

Cranston police have arrested an alleged cyberstalker. Ann Bruno, a local costume shop owner, is accused of using a computer to harass a competitor. NBC 10s Jim Taricani attempted to question her about it in what turned out to be an unusual interview.

Sunday, April 12, 2009


Women lack the consequences in life to start on a true path as an adult.
Black women, in general, have this problem magnified, especially if they're attractive.
Once faced with a problem, they will revert to a few options, only one is viable.
3.Gov't assistance
4.Getting on their grind without selling body, and without asking for a pat on the back.

Now, even option 4 is corrupted.
Now, you...Wesley, or even Michael.
Would you hire a Carlton, who doesn't have a pussy, and is a total non-threat to your corporate structure (MAYBE...)
A Montez, who may be qualified, but still has hypermasculine "nigga" features.
A Janelle (educated black woman, on her way to the top, etc)
Or would you hire easily replaced female (two birds with one stone...BLACK and WOMAN) who will get herself fired...and if her job is on the line, you know what she'll do (
There's nothing like tallying up a range of mistakes, and getting free sex out of it.
Janelle will report you...shaneequa won' she always wanted to fuck with a white boy anyway.
The choice has been made.
A bitch getting her mind right is a rhetorical statement.
They playing field isn't level, so very few bitches have their minds right.
Only the ugliest operate on a level playing field...
The statement is remind our female counterparts of reality's constant presence.
BITCH, get your mind right.
You know why?
When you take the gov't and cops away...and "big bro" and "sideline niggas"...
They have no failsafe.
BITCH, get your mind right...and fall back.
BITCH, get your mind right...and be humble.
BITCH, get your mind right...and quit listening to them hoes on the radio...that's why you got beat.
BITCH, get your mind right...CPO housing is not independent.
BITCH, get your mind're getting hired because you got a FAT ASS...
BITCH, get your mind right...your smart is Columbus Public Schools status...aka: They put you somewhere they were afraid to put a nigga who can actually think. Your thinking is not real thinking. Feelings have nothing to do with it. Try doing that...OH YOU CAN'T...Hahahaha. If you can, you're brainfucked and bitter...
BITCH, get your mind right...I see you in that charger...I see this 9, I see ME in that charger...OR...I see you in that charger...I see your low self esteem, I see ME in that charger. WITH RIMS. You like to floss like a nigga, be prepared for nigga consequences.
BITCH, get your mind right...Just because being a sucka is popular in music, doesn't mean that niggas still act that way...You will not find ballin intellectual athlete dopeboy poet singer rapper. It just won't happen.
Quit reading zane, you're too emotional, and mental creativity is really a man's game...There are more women than men on earth, how come y'all's accomplishment game isn't on par? Yeah. You're setting yourselves up for a total fail
BITCH, get your mind right...if you're gonna think like a dude, don't think like a hood dude...They think like bitches. Hot tempers, emotions...Think like a corporate white man...put the bread above YOU.
YOU are the MONEY.
BITCH, get your mind right...stop trying to fix stupid because you want an ego boost..and quit trying to get at niggas that have more than what you have.
It's HIS shit...not yours...and no, you cannot have whatever you like. If you get it, it's only for a lil' while.
BITCH, quit acting like you're gonna do something with your money besides buy dumb shit.
Let a smart nigga hold that just keep working.

Now that's 10 ways a bitch can get that mind right.
Either follow these instructions, or follow these hands to the kitchen.
The directions are: LEFT EYE, RIGHT EYE, WALK.
Fuck rick james, I'm IKE TURNER.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Friday, April 10, 2009

mike tyson documentary

i been waiting for this ish to come out.  saw it on weedsteeler and the grip.  had to post it on here as well.  


im not normally a sucker for this type of ish, but i gotta say this looks pretty ill.

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Also, vote for me!

1 World Hip Hop Championship
Text motv142 to 99134 to vote

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Text motv142 to 99134 *

Text motv142 to 99134 *

There you go, clowns.


I can't do it...unless you're innocent, fuck freeing you.
You don't see me w/ a free illy shirt...and that's my damn cousin.
I'm the biggest meek mill fan in the world, but ain't no FREE for that man.
I keep TI's shit on volume 10 on a constant basis, but he did some ignorant shit, let that man sit for a while
Don't pull guns on cops.
I don't know wtf is wrong w/ people and this Free "suchandsuch" bullshit.
When I get locked up, I know I'm there for a reason...these niggas act like revolutionaries or martyrs but they still conduct business on a stupid street level...
Nigga you did it, you got caught, you're in JAIL.
Why should I want you to be free? What about real niggas like mumia and them?
At least he went down for killing a PIG.
We're retarded as shit, buying big ass hammers to kill EACH OTHER.
What does that sound like?
Sounds like people need to reevaluate some things.
Also, if you're black or spanish, or a've BEEN in the recession.
That is no excuse to start hustling.
Get your grind on because you feel like it, not because the rich folks are sneezing.
"one of those rich white folks got a sore throat, a negro got the flu"
I ain't perfect, but at least I know I'm on some fucked up shit.
FREE who?
I be on
the philly rap message board.
It's like 20 dudes that stay in and out of jail in that whole underground scene.
Like it's cool or something.
Man, people have kids, families...still acting like we're 17, robbing folks, stealing wheels, beating niggas up for nothing, etc.
I used to think shit like that was cool but now I look back and see it was going in two directions...
If you have bread or some type of opportunity and you're grown...WHY?
Who knows...