Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I can't do it...unless you're innocent, fuck freeing you.
You don't see me w/ a free illy shirt...and that's my damn cousin.
I'm the biggest meek mill fan in the world, but ain't no FREE for that man.
I keep TI's shit on volume 10 on a constant basis, but he did some ignorant shit, let that man sit for a while
Don't pull guns on cops.
I don't know wtf is wrong w/ people and this Free "suchandsuch" bullshit.
When I get locked up, I know I'm there for a reason...these niggas act like revolutionaries or martyrs but they still conduct business on a stupid street level...
Nigga you did it, you got caught, you're in JAIL.
Why should I want you to be free? What about real niggas like mumia and them?
At least he went down for killing a PIG.
We're retarded as shit, buying big ass hammers to kill EACH OTHER.
What does that sound like?
Sounds like people need to reevaluate some things.
Also, if you're black or spanish, or a've BEEN in the recession.
That is no excuse to start hustling.
Get your grind on because you feel like it, not because the rich folks are sneezing.
"one of those rich white folks got a sore throat, a negro got the flu"
I ain't perfect, but at least I know I'm on some fucked up shit.
FREE who?
I be on
the philly rap message board.
It's like 20 dudes that stay in and out of jail in that whole underground scene.
Like it's cool or something.
Man, people have kids, families...still acting like we're 17, robbing folks, stealing wheels, beating niggas up for nothing, etc.
I used to think shit like that was cool but now I look back and see it was going in two directions...
If you have bread or some type of opportunity and you're grown...WHY?
Who knows...

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